About us

Who we are

We are an Online Multi-Level Digital Marketing Agency.

We pride ourselves on our services covering all aspects of Marketing and Brand Innovation.

Ensuring that our clients have a fully functional Marketing Strategy with a well-planned Marketing Budget and realistic outlay of expectancy.

We work with SME’s to start and/or rebuild their brands to get maximum exposure and obtain solid roots within their industries.

We also work alongside Larger Corporates to restructure their marketing teams for maximum functionality to allow their brands to endure constant growth whilst retaining consistency within their respective markets.

We do this through various strategic planning, digital transformation, adaptation and growing with their needs.  We believe that to find your niche in your market you need to find the one problem that no-one can solve but yourself.

Be innovative, Be fresh and Be fearless in your market. With the willingness to change.

Our Training

Proven techniques tested in our own Agency!

We have 3 divisions that comprise of the following:-

– yMarketing (Digital Marketing Agency)
– yTraining (Digital Marketing Training)
– yLeads (Our Lead Generation Division)

We utilise our divisions to help our clients reach their maximum capabilities. Whether it’s understanding how to read analytics, to executing a full fledged brand successfully.

Our training covers single delegates, currently through online Conference(s).

Our in person training facilities are within Media24 Auckland Park, Johannesburg.

We also have group training that we offer to Companies with Marketing Divisions to assist in teaching cross-divisional understanding, enhancing the working environment to all staff.  Ensuring that the teams are working at the full capacity at all times.

Understanding how all facets of Digital Marketing flow together is ultimately the key to success.

Why choose us

The top reasons for you to join us
Tried & Tested
All our marketing techniques have been tried and tested within our Agency. To ensure that we teach credible information.
Mastery learning
We teach our courses in a methodology that we trust! We do this by means of a Lecture & Coaching combination.
We break our courses down into terms our students can understand. By discussing their current industry they choose to be optimising.
Online Learning
Since COVID-19, we have quickly adapted and taken our courses online. With growing interest we are here to assist you reach your goals!

Our Trainer

The CEO and Founder of yMarketing

Training & Agency in Numbers