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I am a Digital Marketing Professional who owns yMarketing Digital Marketing.  I have also recently launched yTraining the training division of yMarketing that allows us to assist in upskilling business owners, entrepreneurs, various departments in the workforce & individuals wanting to learn Digital Marketing. I have worked with various SME’s, Larger Corporate Brands and various Marketing / Advertising Agencies throughout South Africa. The objective of all our clients was to bring their brand / product to the highest level of exposure and to ensure maximum ROI. As the years passed working on various projects & brands I started to notice that internal departments and/or consultant groups were not communicating to their full potential. I then expanded to start working with Corporates to assess, strategise and train their marketing teams to increase their work to their full potential, and provide optimal results within their strength barrier. Many people will learn about a certain SECTION of digital marketing such as Social Media, SEO, PPC and so forth. But they won’t fully understand how all these various sections meet. That is where I come in. Early on in my career I was never happy to just know how things worked, I had to understand the FULL picture if I was going to invest in myself and my companies. I have never stopped studying, researching & improving on all my strategies to ensure that I am able to not only manage and obtain outstanding results. But that I am able to teach my clients and their staff to do and obtain the same. As such I have had to study and research every modality in Digital Marketing to ensure that I can manage, strategise and teach in every aspect of to ensure my Clients Success!
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Digital Marketing Introductory

R 2500


Digital Marketing Intermediate

R 2500


Digital Marketing Advanced

R 2500


Digital Marketing Full Course Special

R 7999


Mail : wesley@ymarketing.co.za

Phone : +27 81 473 2683

Skype : wesleyvanwyk1979

Web : www.ymarketing.co.za

Location : Johannesburg

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