About Us

About Us

Welcome! Our training is created with over 20 years of experience. To provide training excellence!

yTraining Workshops is a division of yMarketing Digital Marketing (Pty) Ltd Agency.  Where we are sharing our skills to help Companies, Agencies and Entrepreneurs.

We saw a need for inter modalities set of knowledge not only for entrepreneurs and Business Owners to understand how all aspects of Digital Marketing work together.

In our 10 years of yMarketing’s history we found a need to compile, train and assist in the understanding of all aspects relating to Digital Marketing.

But also how staff within Large corporations and Agencies can better communicate results with their clients to achieve the most desirable results and ROI for their businesses.

Doing the right thing,at the right time. Is essential for success!

01. Experience

Our Training is created and Facilitated by Wesley van Wyk, a Digital Marketing Specialistwho has not only trained by assisted Many Companies in reaching their Digital Goals whilst having a full understanding of what they are required to do and how to read and analyse their progress.

02. Methodologies

Our Training methodologies are made up of 2 techniques which we believe are the absolute best way to communicate with our delegates, and get as much information across in the shortest possible time. Our Methodologies are utilised in the below format as full understanding of all aspects are required to create and maintain a GOOD digital business footprint today! Point 3 & 4.

03. Lectures

We provide Lectures in a Classroom Format with printed documentation (we find this a definite requirement for taking notes and being able to refer back to) Lectures allow us to teach a large amount of information in a short amount of time.

04. Coach / Mentor

After / During our Lectures we find it essential for our delegates/trainee’s to fully understand our teachings by asking Questions during the Lectures. So that we may explain in more detail and/or assist the person/person’s with a fuller understanding of the teachings.